50 year old hottest GILF ever
Sep 2013 17

This has got to be the hottest grandma that I have ever seen make an adult video. When I first got my hands on this video, all I could think about was how much she reminded me of Susanne Somers. Check her out and see what you think. She played with a toy in the Jacuzzi and then let this stud use a toy for a little ass play. She absolutely loved sucking and fucking this young stud. This Gilf will be back for more…

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54 year old busty biker gilf
Aug 2013 07

This hot 54 year old, big titty, biker granny was a pleasure to work with for this young stud. She was very excited to be making her first adult video and could not wait to get started. Seeing that she is currently with an older man, it was a thrill for her to have sex with someone so young. She took this young cock in every hole and smiled the entire time. This cougar finished him off by taking his huge load all over her face and tits.

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41 year old tattooed milf
Jun 2013 22

This 41 year old milf has huge tits and is covered in tattoos. She is a mother of 4 and is recently divorced. She said that since the divorce, her sex life has gotten much more interesting. She has experimented more, had some one night stands and she is now making her first porn. She began this shoot by fucking a large dildo in the Jacuzzi. She took this young stud’s cock in all her holes and even got him to bust his load all over her tits, by titty fucking him with her Double D’s!

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44 year old busty business woman
Jun 2013 06

This 44 year old cougar had just moved to town from Texas, and was waiting on a couple of interviews. She needed money now, so she set up a time to meet with this young stud and they got right down to business… Of course this was for business “and” pleasure. On the surface she looked very professional and serious, but once her clothes came off she showed that she could really work a cock.

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37 year webcam model back for anal
May 2013 15

The 37 year old webcam model came back as advertised. She enjoyed her first shoot so much, that she felt she needed to make another. She wanted to show off a more freaky side of herself… This time she came back for a lot of ass play. She took anal beads, butt plugs, a vibrator and a hard cock in her ass and loved every minute of it.

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